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Another Week, Another Defect; More Problems Found in Proposal One
Mitchell “There aren’t enough fixes for this bad deal”
Lansing, MI – Earlier this week, the Governor’s administration admitted that proposal one was not properly written to exempt sales tax of gasoline for non-motor vehicles and would need additional legislation to provide a fix as reported by Gongwer News Service. This comes in addition to a problem the Anderson Economic Group identified showing that Proposal One as written would eliminate a federal deduction on license renewals that is currently taken by a million Michigan residents.
How many problems will we find with Proposal One before May 5th? Elected officials did not have enough time to review this flawed proposal and it needs to go back to the drawing board,” said Paul Mitchell. “Despite a $2 billion tax hike, the $700 million in special interest deals that were implemented with ten pieces of legislation, Proposal One would still take more tinkering if passed. Voters should just say no this mess of a Proposal.”
Gongwer News Service reported that Proposal One does not exempt non-motor vehicles from sales tax sold on gasoline as currently written. That means gas for boats, snowmobiles, generators, and lawnmowers would not be exempt from sales tax on gasoline. Legislators had less than eight hours to review the ten legislative bills implementing Proposal One before voting on them.
There are too many problems plaguing Proposal One and voters should reject the higher taxes, special interest deals, and flawed legislation. Elected officials should start from scratch as they did not have enough time to review this flawed deal. There aren’t enough fixes for this bad deal and voters should just say no to Proposal One.”
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