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Another Week, Another Poll: Voters Rejecting Proposal 1 in Latest Poll
Mitchell says “YES Committee Continues to Mislead Voters”
Lansing, MI – In a new poll conducted by Vanguard Political Affairs, voters only support Proposal 1 by 37% according to the Detroit News. The Detroit News noted, “The poll of 600 likely voters commissioned by Lansing-based Vanguard Public Affairs found a split on the question of whether voters support the sales tax hike — 37 percent support and 37 percent oppose the ballot initiative. Another 26 percent said they were unsure in the survey with a margin of error of plus-minus 4 percentage points.”
Paul Mitchell, head of the Coalition Against Higher Taxes and Special Interest Deals said, “The YES Committee continues an attempt to mislead the voters. The simple fact is that this proposal raises taxes on Michigan residents by $2 billion dollars in order to get $1.2 billion dollars for roads because the special interests got their hands in the till. We need to fix the roads, let’s fix the roads and not pay off special interests to get their support.”
Mitchell continued, “This is Lansing at its finest. The legislature had a viable option to fund the roads during lame duck but, somehow, during conference committee the ‘compromise’ to come out was 58% higher than the highest option going IN to conference committee. We can do better than this. Michigan residents deserve better than this.”
Voters need to pay attention. In politics and in policy, language matters. Now, because the YES Committee sees how bad the polling is, they’ve changed their tune to talk about the gas sales tax going to roads. It’s misleading, at best, because this $2 billion dollar tax increase includes $700 million which does NOT go to the roads. We are going to relentlessly inform voters about the truth behind Proposal 1 and intend to hold the YES Committee accountable for any misleading statements they make. We are confident, at 37%, this proposal will be defeated and the legislature will have the chance to fix the roads…only the roads.”
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