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February 24, 2015

County Road Association of Michigan says Proposal 1

Isn’t The End of Higher Taxes

Members Say Additional Local Road Millages Still Coming Even If Proposal 1 Passes

Lansing, MI –  Last week, the County Road Association of Michigan (CRAM) met for their annual meeting where more than 200 members were in attendance from across the state of Michigan. During the meeting, members were asked how many would need to ask their local voters for an additional local road millage if the statewide road funding even if the Proposal 1 passed this May. It’s been reported by news sources that nearly half of the hands in the audience raised their hands.

Paul Mitchell, Chair of the Coalition Against Higher Taxes and Special Interest Deals said, “Proponents of Proposal 1 and those thinking of supporting this bad policy should take note. Here we have those with the most intimate knowledge of our roads and they are clearly saying Proposal 1 won’t fix the roads and more tax increases are planned for communities throughout the state. Could it be because Proposal 1 directs $700 million dollars in non-road related spending? How much in tax increases will be enough?”

Mitchell continued, “the reality of the situation is this: whether you don’t believe we should increase the sales tax by 17% or you don’t believe $700 million dollars a year…every year…in non-related road spending is right; Proposal 1 is bad policy for Michigan. If local officials will need more money for roads, then we should allow the new legislature to have the opportunity to find a viable solution that clearly and concisely tackles our entire infrastructure problem without adding a 40% surcharge on to other things. The road problem is too important to muddy up with other things.”

CRAM Executive Director Denise Donahue also said improving the roads “will take years” and cost as much as $2.1 billion a year. Mitchell said, “how can we look Michigan citizens in the eye and tell them to pass a proposal that takes money away from the roads and gives it to other things? That’s just crazy.”



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