Lansing, MI – Paul Mitchell, head of the Coalition Against Higher Taxes and Special Interest Deals, appeared on ‘Off The Record’ with Tim Skubick this week to discuss his opposition to the $2 billion tax increase. During his appearance, Mitchell noted his commitment to defeat the proposal on the ballot May 5th, 2015. Mitchell also emphasized the massive special interest deals, over $700 million, which had to be promised in order get the votes to send it to the public.

Mitchell said, “The proponents of Proposal 1 may want to re-brand themselves to characterize their efforts as solely for the safety of the roads. However as we’ve seen from polls, the more voters learn about all the different special interest monies in this tax increase, the more opposed to it they become. The ‘pro’ side can’t deny the large base of voters who oppose this approach to fixing our roads.”

“There is no one going around saying ‘Safe Roads No,’” Mitchell said. “But the reality of the situation is that safe roads are being held hostage by the special interests. The voters deserve better and we believe the legislature can do better if given the opportunity. Voting NO on Proposal 1 will give our new legislators the opportunity to address the problem of our roads without having to fund other special interests.”

Mitchell continued, “People don’t realize this is $2 billion dollars every year, forever. I liken this back to when legislators passed the sales tax on services and then had to go back shortly thereafter later and repeal it. Trying to repeal something enshrined into the Constitution is no easy task.”

Mitchell, on behalf of the Coalition Against Higher Taxes and Special Interest Deals, submitted recommended language to the Secretary of State on Thursday and characterized it as “quite a challenging experience.”

“Trying to encapsulate all the things this tax increase would do down to 100 words is no easy task,” Mitchell said. “But, we were clear in trying to give the voters the most accurate assessment of the impact of passing this $2 billion tax increase.”

On Thursday, The Coalition Against Higher Taxes and Special Interest Deals already began social media advertising and grassroots organization. Their website, is due to be unveiled on February 9th, 2015. Additionally, thousands of pieces of literature were distributed in 16 of the largest counties across the state of Michigan on Thursday – kicking off the Coalition’s activities to defeat the ballot measure in May.


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