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YES on Prop 1 Committee Makes False Claim…Again
Mitchell Says “This is not the last chance to fix the roads”
Lansing, MI –  After another week of polling showing little support for Proposal 1, the YES Committee continues to search for a message they think will work. From attempting to push safety claims to saying passage of Proposal 1 Constitutionally requires the new ‘gas sales tax’ will go to roads; the YES Committee now has taken up the mantle of promoting the passage of Proposal 1 as the last chance to fix our roads.
Paul Mitchell, head of the Coalition Against Higher Taxes and Special Interest Deals said, “Stop saying this is a last chance.  The whole proposal is a cop out when elected leaders wouldn’t make the tough spending decisions so, instead, they forced a bad deal laden with special interest add-ons to voters.  This new legislature has the opportunity to come up with a responsible deal that funds only our roads. The YES Committee needs to stop trying to scare voters into accepting this bad deal.   This isn’t the last chance, this should be a first step towards responsible policy.
Mitchell continued, “the YES Committee is reaching for straws. They’re reaching for something they think will sell. But the only thing that sells is doing what should have been done in the first place – simply finding a responsible plan that will solely fix our roads; not add on a $700 million dollar hodge podge of special interest deals that increases the cost to Michigan taxpayers. We can do better than this. The voters deserve better than this.”
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