Don’t believe the scare tactics. There IS a plan B, C, D and E. If we want to fix our roads, let’s give the new legislature a chance to JUST FIX THE ROADS. We should not hold our road problem hostage to $700 million in additional non-road related spending! VOTE NO ON PROPOSAL 1!


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‘There are alternatives to tax increases that would fix our roads’

LANSING, Mich.—On May 5, voters will be asked to consider a ballot proposal that would seek to fix our roads by increasing our taxes. Pulling together ideas from fellow legislators, constituents and residents across the state, Sen. Patrick Colbeck has identified at least four viable alternatives that would fix our roads without a tax hike.

After evaluating the latest budget numbers, Colbeck, R-Canton, has put together road funding estimates for the following alternatives: 1) “the Bolger Plan” as passed by the House last session; 2) prioritizing the spending of existing funds and making appropriations changes; 3) reducing our expenses; and 4) all of the above.

Colbeck said that the state has the opportunity to put $947 million toward fixing our roads in year one (more than twice the $432 million that would result from the ballot proposal) and to apply more than $1.4 billion toward maintaining our roads for each subsequent year.

“I encourage everyone to take time to explore these four alternative road funding ideas,” Colbeck said. “It is important for us all to realize that there are indeed ways to fix our roads without taking more money out of your wallets.”

More information on these options is available at Colbeck’s webpage, Click the Road Funding Plan link.