For Immediate Release:
ICYMI: Prop 1’s No Good, Very Bad, Horrible Week
– Journalist Compares Proposal 1 to Iran Nuclear Negotiations.

Lansing, MI—More bad news for Proposal 1 this week as Attorney General Bill Schuette, the chief law enforcement officer in Michigan, announced his opposition. Additionally, two of the largest business organizations, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and the Michigan Realtors, both claimed neutrality in the issue.

On a roundtable of the WKAR’s “Off the Record”, journalists savaged the proponents of Proposal 1 with all journalists agreeing that Proposal 1 was in trouble in a roundtable discussion. One journalist, Bill Ballenger, compared Proposal 1 to Iran Nuclear negotiations by saying it’s the choice between a bad deal or no deal. Journalists on Off the Record include Inside Michigan Politics Editor Bill Ballenger; Michigan Public Radio Reporter Rick Pluta, Mlive reporter Emily Lawler, and WKAR’s Off the Record moderator Tim Skubick.

Ballenger stated, “I have never seen less enthusiasm for a ballot proposal by its supporters than for this one.”

Rick Pluta compared it to a flawed marriage proposal, “Imagine the marriage proposal that beings with I am disappointed..but.. “

Ballenger comparing Proposal 1 to the Iran nuclear negotiations, “It’s a bad deal versus no deal. Ok, and the proponents are basically saying that this is not a very good deal, but it is better than nothing, we got to have it. And opponents are saying hey this deal is so bad it’s better to have no deal and make the legislature and the governor get back together and do the job they should have done in the first place.