For Immediate Release: “NO” Campaign Releases “Ssshhh!”
Special Interests Counting Your Money

Lansing, MI – Paul Mitchell, Chairman of the Coalition Against Higher Taxes and Special Interest Deals, announced today the release of a second round of television ads for the campaign against Proposal 1.

The ad, entitled “Ssshhh,” depicts the well known ‘Special Interest Guy’ divvying up the all the money in Proposal 1…2 for him and 3 for the roads. Nearly 40% of the $2 billion dollars raised in Proposal 1 would be directed to non-road related spending with only $400 million going to roads in the first year.

Paul Mitchell said, “No one questions that our roads need to be fixed. The real question is, ‘if the roads are truly this dangerous and our lives are truly in jeopardy; then, why would anyone be asking voters to send $700 million dollars (or 40% of Proposal 1) elsewhere?’ And why would we only spend 25% on fixing the roads the first year?
Proposal 1 is bad policy and fixing our roads shouldn’t be held hostage by a $700 million dollar ransom. I’ve found voters feel like it’s an insult to their intelligence to say how dire the situation is – then to only send 25% of the $2 billion dollars to roads in the first year. Voters, and drivers, deserve better.”

The ad will be released in targeted markets throughout the state and be spread digitally via social media.

Mitchell concluded, “It’s clear that the more voters know about Proposal 1, the less likely they are to support it. And, once they have made up their minds about voting no, they aren’t changing their minds. Voters understand Proposal 1 is bad policy for Michigan.”

The narrator of the ad says the following:

Whispering Male Voiceover:
Shhhh… this is a special interest divvying up their cut of the Proposal One Sales Tax hike.

Supporters of Proposal One, don’t want you to see this.

Fact is, nearly forty percent of those tax dollars would go to special interests… not the roads.

And if it passes… Michigan would have one of the highest state sales taxes! (Raises voice at end)

Vote “No” on Proposal One.

Michigan taxpayers… it’s time to be heard.

The ad can be viewed here:

Additional information about The Coalition Against Higher Taxes and Special Interest Deals and Proposal 1 can be found at


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