ttorney General Bill Schuette, the chief law enforcement officer in Michigan came out in opposition to Proposal 1 today. Earlier this week, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, the state’s largest business organization announced it would remain neutral on Proposal 1.

“I applaud Bill Schuette for opposing Proposal 1 and calling out the hundreds of millions of dollars in special interest money that doesn’t go to the roads,” Paul Mitchell said. “When the state’s chief law enforcement official says he won’t support Proposal 1, it takes the air out of the argument that this is the only way to make Michigan roads safe. There are clearly better approaches for improving our roads than to give hundreds of millions of dollars in special interest giveaways that have absolute no impact upon road quality or safety.”

Earlier this week, the state’s largest business organization, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce announced it would not take a position on Proposal 1.