For Immediate Release:
Terry Bowman Joins Anti-Proposal 1 Fight
Former Congressional Candidate, Union Activist and Conservative Leader Says Voters Deserve Better

Lansing, MI— On Monday, The Coalition Against Higher Taxes and Special Interest Deals announced the addition of former Congressional candidate, Terry Bowman, to their team. Terry will begin speaking at events all around Michigan.

Terry Bowman said, “I am excited to join Paul Mitchell and the Coalition Against Higher Taxes in opposing the $2 billion tax hike, Proposal 1. Our roads are a mess. But, if this is our number one priority then we should have a clean road package that simply funds the roads and solves our problem; not be forced to send $700 million dollars every year to special interests. Voters deserve better.”

Paul Mitchell, Chairman of the Coalition, said “Terry Bowman is driven by principles. He understands that finding a solution to fix our roads should be driven by sound policy not politics and special interests. There are already several plans being floated in the legislature as a ‘Plan B’ after this proposal fails and, with Terry’s help, we’ll be able to give this new legislature the opportunity to solve our road problem by voting no on Proposal 1. I appreciate the growing numbers of principled leaders that are supporting our cause and appreciate Terry’s willingness to represent our group all around Michigan prior to the vote on May 5th.”