The third poll released on Proposal 1 in the last week shows essentially the same thing — the May 5 road funding ballot question is in bad shape.

Today it was EPIC-MRA showing Proposal 1 losing 24 to 66 percent. When the exact ballot language was read to 600 voters between Saturday and Monday, support dropped even further — 21 to 69 percent….

Paul MITCHELL, of the group Coalition Against Higher Taxes and Special Interest Deals, said that while he’d rather be on his side of the poll numbers than on the other side, he and his group are not going to stop what it’s doing to educate voters and listening to their frustrations.

He said he continues to hear from residents that they don’t like “all this other extra stuff” in the ballot proposal when it’s all supposed to go to roads.

“We’re going to continue to put time, energy and money into this,” Mitchell said. “We need to make sure Proposal 1 is defeated and we’re insisting the Legislature fix the roads in a responsible manner.”