• Ken Braun: A Big Labor lie is going around about who will pay for roads

    Three of Michigan’s construction unions must believe the state’s business community has been operating as a bunch of generous social welfare agencies. That’s the most reasonable way to understand a $900 million business tax hike proposed by Citizens for Fair Taxes, a joint creation of the Operating Engineers, Michigan Laborers and the Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights. If the initiated law proposal from the unions receives 252,523 valid signatures, it will be submitted to the Michigan Legislature. If the lawmakers don’t approve it, then it would go to the voters. At issue is whether an 83 percent business…
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  • From the Detroit Free Press: 3 citizen initiatives get OK for signatures

    From the Detroit Free Press:  3 citizen initiatives get OK for signatures LANSING – 2016 is shaping up to be a big year for ballot proposals.  On Thursday, the state Board of Canvassers approved the form of three more citizen-driven initiatives that could appear on the November 2016 ballot. With the three new petitions,there could be a total of eight groups in the field collecting signatures for ballot proposals. The three latest proposals are: ■ The Earned Sick Time Act would require employers to allow employees to earn sick time to deal with health, personal or family issues. Employees of small businesses could…
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  • Coalition Opposes $900 Million Tax Increase

    For Immediate Release: Coalition Opposes $900 Million Tax Increase Special Interest Tax Hike Will Mean Higher Taxes and Less Jobs in Michigan   Lansing, MI— On Thursday, following the Board of Canvassers certification of the petitions to increase Michigan’s Corporate tax rate, the Coalition Against Higher Taxes and Special Interest Deals announced their intention to fight the proposal to almost double the corporate income tax resulting in a $900 million tax hike that will hurt families and cause jobs to leave this state. The Coalition also points out that this defective proposal will not guarantee road funding. Randall Thompson, Executive…
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  • Yard Signs Are IN!! Find out where to get yours….

      THANK YOU for the tremendous outpouring of support. Just based on the few facebook posts and emails that have gone around, over 1500 people have emailed and requested information to pick up their own yardsign. Well, now you can….. Over the next three days we’ll have new locations and pick-up times for yard signs. So….if you don’t see a place close to you on this list…sit tight! More locations (especially in West and Northern Michigan) are being added as we write this. Another email will be forthcoming tomorrow… Thank you, again, for all the support. Wayne County 1273…
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  • Michigan ranks near the bottom…BEFORE Proposal 1

    A comparison of the state and local tax burdens face by residents in all 50 states. Michigan residents pay taxes that are 22% higher than the national average and ranks 45 of 50 states – and that is before the tax hit contained in Proposal 1. Vote NO on May 5 and send a message that we expect wiser and more efficient use of our tax dollars. 2015’s Best & Worst States to be a Taxpayer
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  • Little Support for Passing Proposal 1

    It doesn’t matter which political party it is, the one thing that cuts across the political spectrum which people agree upon: SAY NO TO PROPOSAL 1! Click on the link below to watch the story….
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  • Don’t Insult Our Intelligence….

    Like we’ve been saying for weeks….the arguments in support of Proposal 1 insult voters’ intelligence. FROM MLIVE: Ken Braun: Proposal 1 proponents aren’t treating their own argument seriously The 2006 Michigan Civil Rights Initiative asked voters to prohibit the use of race and gender based affirmative action in public hiring and university admissions. This simple to understand enactment of color blind, equality under the law governance, was approved as part of the Michigan Constitution with 58 percent support. The side that presents the most simple and credible concern often prevails when Michigan voters are confronted with a ballot question. Herein…
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  • Join Us April 15th!

    Join us at the State Capitol on Wednesday, April 15th at 1pm. May 5th Michigan votes on the largest tax increase in nearly 50 years. Lets send Lansing a message and display our displeasure on harmful and regressive tax increases. The legislature will be in session. April 15th is less than 3 weeks from the May 5th vote. Send lawmakers a message and educate yourself on what we can do to defeat this tax that will cost the average family of four $790 each and every year. Vote NO on Prop 1 May 5th.
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  • UAW Local 598 opposes Proposal 1

    UAW Local 598 opposes Proposal 1. Opposition to Proposal 1 is growing and reflects a great diversity of groups and individuals!
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  • Listen to Paul Mitchell on WCHB in Detroit

    Listen to Paul Mitchell speak with Cliff Russell on WCHB Detroit discussing Proposal 1.  
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  • P Pettelle
    February 22, 2015

    The Michigan legislature should have dealt with the bad roads with the budget they had. Move money around, like we all do with our household budgets. I wish I could have a cash cow to tap when I overspent my budget! Sadly though, Michigan taxpayers will see this money get spread beyond the bad roads into a smorgasbord of interests pleading for funds…and all of this with no redress from the taxpayers! We pay for enough, work within your means Michigan government!

  • Keith Sheasley
    April 13, 2015

    I have no problem at all spending tax dollars on education, transportation, etc. in addition to roads. Michigan has ignored these areas, to its great detriment, for much too long. My problem is one of trust. I have zero confidence in the Governor and less in the Legislature. Like most politicians, they say what you want to hear and then do what they want to do. I applaud the idea of helping our schools. I just don’t trust Lansing to follow through with their promises once they get their hands on my money.

  • Pat
    April 14, 2015

    I am voting NO on Proposal 1. Initially I thought I should pitch in and vote yes simply because of the dire conditions of Michigan’s roads. That was before I read between the lines of the actual proposal. Then I was angered when viewing an eye opening TV news investigative report about the apparently secretive intent of our elected legislators to quietly purchase a new building for their Lansing offices. Needless to say, a totally inappropriate expenditure. Allegedly the cost of $50K was only to purchase the new building that would offer “better views” and apparently did not take into consideration any other expenses associated with the relocation. In comparison, it would cost less than half that amount to simply make necessary repairs or modifications to their current location. Obviously the $50+K is only a drop in the bucket for road repairs, but every expenditure counts and the hidden waste all adds up. In my opinion, what a reckless waste of taxpayer money. Their offices looked fine to me and most likely were grand in comparison to the offices or work environments of their hard working Michigan constituents. Frankly, Proposal 1 it is an insult to the intelligence of every Michigan resident. Aside from various Proposal 1 comments already submitted by others, my additional thoughts:
    What responsible, proactive business organization has no “Plan B” scenario? That seems preposterous to me, and shame on our elected politicians if that is the case. It tells me they are being paid well for substandard performance which would never be tolerated in any typical business environment.
    I saw a “vote yes” TV spot saying Proposal 1 would result in companies being held responsible for warranties relative to road repairs. This would infer Michigan hasn’t required work product guarantees in the past?!? What fiscally responsible state government would outsource road work, pay out huge sums of taxpayer funds and NOT think it appropriate to have a legally binding guarantee in place?
    The people deserve a common sense and strait forward proposal, not one that takes an entire newspaper multipage section devoted to dissecting the confusing and misleading proposal. There is no wonder why so many folks have lost trust in some elected officials. It’s all about the “pork” – side deals having nothing whatsoever to do with road repairs. It’s very disturbing. In my opinion, this shameful mess of a proposal lacks integrity. There is a distinct appearance of underhandedness when our elected politicians deem it acceptable to condone what was essentially a form of blackmail in order to gain political support when crafting this proposal. It is difficult to place trust with government at any level until the deceptively “old school” tradition of quietly adding hidden “pork” to proposals and legislation continues to be an acceptable practice.

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