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  • P Pettelle
    February 22, 2015

    The Michigan legislature should have dealt with the bad roads with the budget they had. Move money around, like we all do with our household budgets. I wish I could have a cash cow to tap when I overspent my budget! Sadly though, Michigan taxpayers will see this money get spread beyond the bad roads into a smorgasbord of interests pleading for funds…and all of this with no redress from the taxpayers! We pay for enough, work within your means Michigan government!

  • Keith Sheasley
    April 13, 2015

    I have no problem at all spending tax dollars on education, transportation, etc. in addition to roads. Michigan has ignored these areas, to its great detriment, for much too long. My problem is one of trust. I have zero confidence in the Governor and less in the Legislature. Like most politicians, they say what you want to hear and then do what they want to do. I applaud the idea of helping our schools. I just don’t trust Lansing to follow through with their promises once they get their hands on my money.

  • Pat
    April 14, 2015

    I am voting NO on Proposal 1. Initially I thought I should pitch in and vote yes simply because of the dire conditions of Michigan’s roads. That was before I read between the lines of the actual proposal. Then I was angered when viewing an eye opening TV news investigative report about the apparently secretive intent of our elected legislators to quietly purchase a new building for their Lansing offices. Needless to say, a totally inappropriate expenditure. Allegedly the cost of $50K was only to purchase the new building that would offer “better views” and apparently did not take into consideration any other expenses associated with the relocation. In comparison, it would cost less than half that amount to simply make necessary repairs or modifications to their current location. Obviously the $50+K is only a drop in the bucket for road repairs, but every expenditure counts and the hidden waste all adds up. In my opinion, what a reckless waste of taxpayer money. Their offices looked fine to me and most likely were grand in comparison to the offices or work environments of their hard working Michigan constituents. Frankly, Proposal 1 it is an insult to the intelligence of every Michigan resident. Aside from various Proposal 1 comments already submitted by others, my additional thoughts:
    What responsible, proactive business organization has no “Plan B” scenario? That seems preposterous to me, and shame on our elected politicians if that is the case. It tells me they are being paid well for substandard performance which would never be tolerated in any typical business environment.
    I saw a “vote yes” TV spot saying Proposal 1 would result in companies being held responsible for warranties relative to road repairs. This would infer Michigan hasn’t required work product guarantees in the past?!? What fiscally responsible state government would outsource road work, pay out huge sums of taxpayer funds and NOT think it appropriate to have a legally binding guarantee in place?
    The people deserve a common sense and strait forward proposal, not one that takes an entire newspaper multipage section devoted to dissecting the confusing and misleading proposal. There is no wonder why so many folks have lost trust in some elected officials. It’s all about the “pork” – side deals having nothing whatsoever to do with road repairs. It’s very disturbing. In my opinion, this shameful mess of a proposal lacks integrity. There is a distinct appearance of underhandedness when our elected politicians deem it acceptable to condone what was essentially a form of blackmail in order to gain political support when crafting this proposal. It is difficult to place trust with government at any level until the deceptively “old school” tradition of quietly adding hidden “pork” to proposals and legislation continues to be an acceptable practice.

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