SEO agency vs an In-house SEO specialist

Do you want to start your own marketing department?

Most firms will eventually have to determine whether it is more cost-effective to retain an SEO professional or outsource their SEO efforts to an SEO agency. We’ll never be able to handle all of the subtleties of each company’s decision-making process, but we can look at some broad guidelines to help you determine if you need to employ someone in-house or work with a digital marketing firm to improve your online presence.

If you’d want to talk about your specific SEO scenario after reading our tirade of positives, disadvantages, and questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to walk you through your options. Only offering answers to people’s inquiries excites us (nearly) as much as delivering unwanted advice.

SEO agency vs an In-house SEO specialist

Which is more expensive? in-house or SEO agency?

To be honest, I despise the phrase “comparing apples to oranges,” since fruit comparisons are simple. The orange one is acidic and velvety. The other is crunchy, sweet, and comes in a rainbow of colors. See? Easy. So, enter whatever other idiom correctly depicts how tough it is to compare in-house vs SEO agency spending.

You’re probably paying a full wage when you recruit a full-time employee. Benefits paid vacation, and other expenses may be included in your charges. You will get the following benefits in exchange for your substantial investment:

  • 35 to 40 hours of labor every week 
  • Their particular experience in the digital space 
  • Long-term loyalty (hopefully)

You may also expect this individual to learn the ins and outs of your company over time, and they should be able to easily match your digital approaches with your overall brand strategy. Training, not just of your new team member, but also of everyone else who must train and manage this new employee, is also significant in this calculation, provided you have someone with the expertise and experience to assess their performance.

Assume that a full-time SEO employee is paid $60,000 per year. Keep in mind that this figure excludes any expenditure on digital advertising. So, if you want to promote articles or advertise on Google, you’ll have to stretch your budget a little more.

SEO agency vs an In-house SEO specialist

You may expect to receive a lot more bang for your buck if you put that pay into an external SEO agency. With an average monthly SEO cost of $5,000 from a firm like ours, $60,000 would get you a lot more direct SEO work than your compensated staff.

Before you engage an in-house SEO expert or an SEO firm, define your objectives.

Consider your objectives rather than monetary signs when deciding which path is best for you.

It’s difficult to speak about pricing comparisons since when you deal with an outside firm, you get a full corporation. If you engage a digital marketer or an SEO agency, on the other hand, you get one individual with one set of talents. While the new employee may work longer hours, the fruits of those hours will come from just one set of hands, brain, and portfolio. You can also read about The best way to start an SEO agency by visiting

If you simply have one marketing aim, hiring a full-time employee may make sense. If all you want to do is boost your social interactions, for example, one person could be the best option. If you only want someone to maintain your current website and social media platforms rather than create a completely fleshed-out SEO plan or handle more labor-intensive chores like digital advertising, a jack-of-all-trades could be a good fit.

Companies who aim to: 

  • Grow may benefit from working with an SEO agency.
  • Access specialized knowledge and technical skill sets in response to changing demands by launching multi-platform campaigns and initiatives
  • Use insights gained from working inside and outside your competitive market to develop short and long-term marketing plans with seasoned specialists.

Do you want to start your own marketing department?

Every company owner is aware of the challenges and benefits of employing new employees. When it comes to hiring personnel for cultural fit and competence, there are both problems and possibilities. Sometimes you hit pay dirt when a new recruit blows your mind. You may have great expectations, yet the individual may not live up to their résumé.

Consider how much recruitment and training you want to undertake when considering whether to bring on the digital firepower you need to compete online. Digital marketing job opportunities are presently scarce. Prepare to compete for experienced workers and act swiftly, or you’ll be left behind in this market.

Do you want to start your own marketing department?

Do you have the means to spend in their professional growth (which is a must in the digital marketing sector) if you’re in it for the long haul and want to grow your team? Before you make a decision, find out precisely what the job entails and select someone who fits both your current situation and your future goals.

An SEO agency may help you make adjustments quickly(er) and complete a turnkey company deal. Your chosen firm has already gone through the recruiting procedure. They’ll have picked highly precise expertise to fill certain tasks, and they’ll all have worked for organizations in your field before. Because that is what they are hired to do, an SEO agency will readily adapt to your brand voice and operate as an extension of your company. Most importantly, they will handpick the individuals on your team who will most closely coincide with your approach.

Still, undecided between an in-house hero and an SEO agency?

Try writing a job description for what you want to do and see whether it sounds like one person or a lot of people. If you discover you’re describing an “employee” with a decade of expertise in SEO, website administration, online advertising, and content management, you’re probably better off hiring an SEO agency to handle your digital requirements.

If that’s the case, have your description handy. Outline the fit you can’t work without, not simply the skill you need. Then, whether you’re looking for an SEO agency or reading through RFPs, you can be sure you’re not settling for empty promises. Get to know the team you’ll be working with before signing on the dotted line. Never be hesitant to ask for references, just like you would with a potential employee, and don’t be afraid to ask difficult questions and see real results.